Strain Information


*Strain information is to be updated as we learn and grow. We are considering creating a strain database containing all known strains with relevant information; even strains we do not currently carry. But first and foremost we would like to be accurate in our statements and need to confirm validity of all information before it is added here.

Banana OG

Indica dominant hybrid. Bred from a male OG Kush and a female ‘banana’ plant, this strain has become known as Banana Split, Banana OG and on the street ‘banana buds’. Known for its pungent, slightly sweet, slightly skunky, with hints of fermenting banana aroma and its big banana shaped buds. This plant can surprise many with its creeping high that leaves you relaxed enough while not leaving you couch locked or overly sedated. Excessive use will leave you sedated as the indica traits of this plant begin to seep in. Excellent for muscle pain, spasms, nausea, as an appetite stimulant and insomnia.

Blue Dream

Sativa dominant hybrid (roughly 50/50 but the high is more energetic than sedative). Classically known and grown from California this plant has lasted the test of time due to it’s incredible ability to thrive outdoors and its gift of quality buds with impressive yields. This plant is susceptible to spider mites and is necessary to trim and top to get the best out of her and avoid potential problems. Treat her well and she will reward you. She should smell slightly like fermented berries with hints of pine when nearing harvest. Her smoke is tasty, light and energetic. The perfect daytime high, perfect for those who ‘wake and bake’ and still need to get out and conquer the world. Excellent for stress, anxiety, depression, nausea, chronic pain, and as an appetite stimulant.

Gelato AKA Larry Bird Kush

Indica dominant hybrid. Bred from Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Cookies. Many strains of Gelato are currently going around the market. We can tell you this about our strain since there currently is no established standard of gelato #’s and their genetic traits we will describe ours the best possible way we can. This lady likes to stretch hard early flower and tends to self-prune. Her flowers grow big and heavy and given enough time can become extremely dark purple. The smoke tastes piney and savoury; filling your nostrils with a wonderful aftertaste. Her high begins as glowing and energetic, but slowly leaves you relaxed, happy and sleepy within 2-3 hours. Perfect smoke for a evening out. Excellent for stress, pain, depression, nausea, and as an appetite stimulant.

Gorilla Glue#4 (9-10 weeks flower)

Indica dominant hybrid. Bred from Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel.  She grows bushy and somewhat leggy, needing to be pruned before flower to get optimal traits. She appears to be fairly disease and bug resistant, but again we try and stop those issues before they take footing; in another environment, she may be susceptible to problems. This award winning strain has recently taken the high times cup in LA, Michigan, and Jamaica. The buds are dark and resin covered, smelling of coffee and pine trees. The high hits hard and can be overwhelming leaving you ‘zoned out’ and sedated. Not recommended for beginner users of cannabis. Excellent for insomnia, nausea, stress, pain, ADHD, PTSD, and as an appetite stimulant.

Green Crack aka Dream Queen

Sativa dominant hybrid. Said to be bred from Cecil B. x Deadhead OG there are conflicting reports of parental genes. Limited stretch in flower makes her a good indoor strain. Her smoke is light, energetic and tastes of hints of mango and skunk after-tones. The buds are light green with bright orange hairs covered in a light frost of trichomes. Another solid smoke for daytime or before events. Great for stress, fatigue, nausea, and depression.

Headband aka Sour Kush 

Sativa dominant hybrid. Made from Sour Diesel x OG Kush this hot strain is very popular for its unique high. This girl likes to stretch early veg which slows down. Her branches decent yields but nothing to brag about. Her main attraction is the feeling she leaves users with. Said to provide a halo effect feeling that immediately attacks cerebral depression and anxiety; leaving users giddy and happy. The buds while not large are impressively covered in trichomes with its unique smell and high. Perfect for anxiety and depression.

Lemon Skunk 

Indica dominant hybrid. From Green House. We just popped this baby and we have yet to review our phenotype.

Peach Puree CBD 

CBD Dominant hybrid. Said to produce 2:1 THC:CBD ratio ranging from 8-9% CBD’s. We just popped this baby and she is growing vigorously. Be on the lookout if you need medicine she has potential. We have yet to see what she will produce.

Pineapple Chunk

Indica dominant hybrid with high CBD potential.

Pineapple Express 

Indica Dominant hybrid. From the movie! Tastes of pineapples, this strain is said to have originated in Hawaii behind a pineapple processing plant. This plant has a very unique terpene profile giving it a pineapple taste and a light energetic high.

Purple Cadillac 

Indica dominant hybrid. We just obtained this clone and she is growing nice and bushy. Stay with us as we provide strain details.


Sativa dominant hybrid. New strain, we are finding our phenotype!

White Widow

Indica dominant hybrid. A classic from the 90’s we remember drooling over bags of this when we rarely could find it waaay back. But anyways we are attempting to revive this classic from seed to see if she can stand the test of time against todays hype. We have narrowed our phenotype down to 2 plants and we plan on updating you soon with details.