Available Clones

  • Blue Dream

  • Gorilla Glue #4

Most strains we carry are grown from seed. With the exception of a couple high demand strains which we will notate, before accepting a clone we examine the flower before and after curing.

Currently Stocked

Obtained by sprouting seeds and selecting the best phenotypemarijuana-germination-and-seedlings-2

  • Banana OG aka Banana Split seed grown from Apothecary Genetics

  • Blue Dream (8-9 weeks flower) seed grown from Humboldt Seed Organization

  • Green Crack aka Dream Queen seed from Cali Connection

  • Headband aka Sour Kush seed from Reserva Privada

  • Lemon Skunk seed from Green House Seeds

  • Peach Puree CBD seed from G13 Labs

  • Pineapple Chunk seed from Barney’s Farm

  • Pineapple Express seed from G13 Labs

  • Shangri-La seed from TGA Subcool Seeds

  • White Widow seed from G13 Labs

Obtained from cloneclones

  • Gelato (given 10-11 weeks flower she turns purple and will even go DARK!!) clone obtained from trusted source

  • Gorilla Glue#4 (9-10 weeks flower) clone obtained from trusted source

  • Purple Cadillac clone from a trusted source


In development

  • House of Dank OG

Strain Information

Which strain is right for me?

Picking a strain that is good for you is almost like picking the perfect pet. While descriptions and other’s experiences can range and vary; many have their own unique preferences, and plants will react differently depending on the environment you supply them.

We would recommend looking for a clone from a reputable source (like us! ;D) that is both disease resistant and has strong white roots that look like they’re exploding out of a rockwool cube. We recommend rockwool because they are generally clean and sterile and if not you can see it visually, soil or peat plugs can be hard to check for algae or bad roots in all spots, you can transplant rockwool extremely easily into most mediums, and you can begin feeding most clones in rockwool whatever nutrient regime you would like after they have been transplanted.

Now that you have determined media you should pick a strain that you will enjoy. If you like sativa or indica dominant smoke pick that plant accordingly taking recommendations and your growing environment into account. You don’t want a plant that stretches like headband if your growing space is limited in height unless you know how to control her. If you’re growing indoor indica dominant might be preferable due to their ability to limit stretching in flower. You are likely to be a better judge of the best strain for your environment than someone fed hype trying to push the newest genetics out the door.